Tile Cleaning Agents

A leading floor cleaning company offering outstanding results in Tile cleaning, Stone Restoration, and Diamond sanding and Polishing.

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Tile cleaning prices can be estimated within a few hours by sending pictures to 07919624005 or info@cleaningagents.co.uk.

Stone Restoration

Stone polishing with diamonds, Stone crack and hole repair, Etch and spillage stain removal.
Impregnating sealers and Stone Colour Enhancer.
Floors, Walls and Countertops.

Tile Cleaning

Indoor or Outdoor tile cleaning of Stone, Porcelain, Victorian, Encaustic, Quarry or Terracotta.
Tile and Grout cleaning, Grout impregnating sealer.
Ready to walk on as soon as it dries.

Natural stone such as marble floor restoration services ranging from simple maintenance to complete grinding and polishing of all types of stone, including marble, limestone, granite, terrazzo, concrete, and slate. Etch and spillage stain removal, stone crack and hole repair, diamond polishing.

If your stone appears dull and only requires a light polish, or if it has been damaged by spillages or severe scratches, we can restore it to its former splendour with our stone restoration services.

Tile cleaning for man-made tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, Victorian, encaustic, quarry, and terracotta tiles, whether indoors or out, we can assist you with your floor cleaning and restoration needs.