How to restore Slate Tiles

Slate restoration - before and after picture

A comprehensive guide to the process of slate restoration. This post provides valuable insights and practical tips for restoring slate to its original condition.  Despite the fact that slate floors are well-known for their beauty and long-lasting durability, the sealers and waxes that are applied to them over time can darken their appearance or cause dirty-looking spots. […]

Regrouting limestone floors

Restoring grout in limestone tiles

Witness the impact of a carpet on a limestone floor, as we eliminate glue, clean the tiles, and regrout, unveiling an inviting space. This limestone floor, renowned for its durability, presented a unique challenge due to its density. Despite previous carpeting, the new homeowners sought restoration over replacement. During the regrouting process, initially mistaken for […]

Vinegar spillage on limestone floor

Vinegar spillage on black limestone floor

It takes only a few seconds to ruin the surface of a limestone floor. As soon as the acid lands on the stone it’s already too late, no matter how fast you are at cleaning up the spillage. This is because limestone is made from a high concentration of calcium due to the animal fossils […]

Removing scratches from limestone tiles

Removing scratches from limestone tiles

Accidents can occur when entertaining grandchildren. Without paper, they may resort to using nearby metal tools on your delicate limestone floor. Fortunately, our expertise restored the surface, removing scratches and re-polishing in just 15 minutes. For more information about limestone floor restoration please contact us.

Stone tiles are too shiny

Stone tiles too shiny

Discover the challenges of overly glossy stone tiles and learn about effective solutions to achieve a more refined and balanced appearance. Excessive shine on a floor can result from various factors, often stemming from the finishing process or improper maintenance: Over-Polishing: Aggressive polishing techniques or multiple layers of polish can lead to an overly glossy […]

Cleaning stone steps in London

Limestone step restoration Hampton

Explore essential insights into maintaining the pristine appearance of stone steps in London, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal for your property. We spent the day in Hampton, Greater London, to restore this set of limestone steps which had many years of dirt, chewing gum and very deep scuff marks. It’s difficult to show the results […]

Polishing a limestone staircase

Limestone staircase polishing

Embark on a journey of transformation as we delve into the meticulous process of polishing a limestone staircase to perfection. Polishing a limestone staircase demands meticulous preparation to safeguard surrounding furnishings. Before commencement, protective measures are imperative to mitigate potential mess. Initially, railings are shielded with plastic sheets, forming an enclosure to prevent splashed residue […]

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