How to Compare Stone Restoration Quotes

How to Compare Stone Restoration Quotes

Guidance on evaluating and understanding the components of quotes for stone restoration services. 

Your stone floors are looking somewhat dirty and scuffed because you haven’t had your floors cleaned and restored for a few years. You search on Google and post a request on Facebook or NextDoor and the next thing you know, you have a list of stone restoration specialists but can’t decide how to choose the right one. You call them all, one after the other: some don’t even pick up; some appear abrupt; the few that you do manage to speak to offer a vast range of prices that it doesn’t make sense. So, what’s your next step, how do you choose the right stone restoration specialist?

There are a number of important considerations to make before making a decision. Here are six points to consider when comparing stone restoration quotes.

1.       Can the contractor accommodate your schedule?

Schedules are important for a home owner, but they are especially important for business owners and landlords. It’s important to know that your contractor can provide a plan of action that includes a start and finish date, and if necessary, work during the least busy hours or make special accommodations, such as leaving sections of flooring open for traffic while they work. This will help to minimise disruption to the normal routines of employees, guests, and patrons. Before accepting a quote, be sure to communicate your requirements and confirm these details with the contractor.

2.       What experience does your contractor have?

If your stone restoration contractor has answered all of your questions and you’re still not convinced, ask them to provide you with a few referrals from local residents or to provide you with documentation of their qualifications and accreditation.

3.       Does your contractor understand the specific type of stone you own?

While there are some similarities among different types of stone such as marble, granite, travertine, and others, there are also some differences that necessitate the use of specific restoration techniques. Despite the fact that janitorial and cleaning companies may provide valuable services, their technicians are rarely properly trained, qualified, or experienced in the field of natural stone restoration. Even some stone restoration companies may have little or no experience working with the specific type of natural stone you have on your floor. Make certain to inquire about the knowledge your prospective contractor has about your stone. Despite the fact that they may offer the lowest price, your stone may end up with poor quality results or problems such as dimpled or wavy surfaces when it is in the wrong hands.

4.       Are there any undisclosed fees or charges that are not included in the quote?

Stone restoration at its most basic level entails honing to remove surface damage and polishing to restore the stone’s natural finish. It’s possible that your prospective contractor did not include all of the procedures necessary to restore your stone to its original lustre in the quote. Take, for example, whether or not your stone has significant deep scratches, chips, or cracks. Find out about the different levels of stone restoration. The cost of a light restoration which removes only light scuffs and etch marks can be priced as low as £20/sqm whereas a complete removal of every deep scratch on your floor, whether it involves heavy sanding or filling with resin, could be as high as £70/sqm.

Take note of the time that it will take for the restoration. If you receive a proposal to restore a 40sqm high-gloss kitchen floor within 2 days, then you can assume the quote is for a light restoration. That is, the floor would look fantastic at first sight but if you look closer you will still detect the old deep scratches. A full restoration that involves filling holes with resin and sanding would definitely take more than 2 days, especially for a high-gloss surface.

5.       What sealer does the stone restoration specialist offer?

Is it necessary to seal the stone on your property? If this is the case, inquire as to whether sealer application is included in the quote. Find out about different types of sealers for your stone and the specific product that’s going to be used on your floor.

6.       If in doubt, ask for a demonstration

There’s no harm in asking a contractor to perform a small demonstration on your floor. Usually, this type of appointment may take about an hour so be prepared to pay a small fee. It’s certainly worth it. If he/she makes a mess of the job, don’t worry because the next restoration specialist will be able to fix it without too much trouble.

Having taken the time to select contractors and gather quotes for your stone restoration project, follow these guidelines to make an informed decision that will leave you satisfied with the entire experience, rather than just the price.

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