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Asbestos Tile Cleaning in Ascot. Asbestos tile cleaning and sealing services in service Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. If your asbestos tiles have lost its shine you can encapsulate the surface with a fresh coat of sealant. We remove old sealant and trapped dirt with rotary machines and a neutral pH cleaning solution, rinse it, dry it, and seal it with a gloss or matt sealant. So before you consider hiring a professional asbestos removal company, call us for a free restoration quotation. There’s no obligation to purchase and an official price can be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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Thermoplastic tiles are composed of a mixture of PVC and asbestos and were manufactured since the 50’s to cover unsightly concrete floors that were often damp and difficult to keep clean. Being water resistant, and available in a variety of colours, these durable tiles offered a warmer and attractive environment that was easy to clean and maintain.

Although new installations were banned in 1985, it is still possible to safely clean and restore asbestos tiles if they remain intact. Using a neutral pH solution and rotary pads, the old polish is scrubbed off gently and ready to seal with a new coat of sealant that will immediately rejuvenate any room.

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