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Tile Cleaning Agents is the ONLY carpet cleaning company in Ascot, Bracknell and Windsor who are certified by the National Carpet Cleaning Association. This means that we know how to clean carpets, rugs and upholstery in the correct manner, no matter what type of fibre: Polyester, Wool, Silk, or even plant based fibres such as Sisal, Seagrass and Viscose (Rayon or Rolled Cotton).

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Our carpet cleaning service usually includes moving furniture but we do offer a more affordable solution if you’d like us to target the dirty areas only. Please ask us to provide two quotes if you’d like some time to decide. When moving any furniture, we must place plastic protection underneath the wood or metal feet to prevent colour or rust transfer onto the carpet.

Whichever service you choose, you will still receive the full professional carpet clean process. The best carpet cleaning method is

  • to first identify the type of fibre so that we know which cleaning solutions, type of bushes and stroking method that will be used to safeguard the warranty of your carpet.
  • We then remove the dry particles with a powerful Sebo Dart brush vacuum cleaning system. This prevents the dirt from turning into mud during the cleaning process.
  • The third step is to spray the selected solution, or carpet shampoo, and to try and remove stubborn stains with specialist cleaning solutions.
  • We gently agitate the carpet shampoo into the fibres with our contra-rotating brush system.
  • We rinse off the carpet shampoo with Hot Water Extraction to steam clean the carpet at the final stage.

Although this multi-step process takes our team four times longer than any other service providers’, it helps us to clean your carpets much more thoroughly than any of our competitors. By using far less water, your floors will be dry within a few hours so that you can get back to your daily activities as soon as possible.

If our carpet cleaning process hasn’t removed the spot completely we then use solvent-based solutions, such as enzymes that break down proteins, or solvents that can remove oils. For more stubborn stains such as wine, that have been in the carpet for long periods, we can lighten the affected area for you to help it blend in with the rest of the carpet, but this will only be done as a final resort and will require consent before we proceed.

The type of cleaning method depends on the carpet fibre, its construction and the dye content.

  • Almost all carpets can be dry cleaned and the crystals that capture the dirt are vacuumed the following day. However the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method reaches more dirt and rinses the dirt from the carpet with a high pressure, leaving it more hygienic.
  • Dry Cleaning can be performed in between HWE as a temporary affordable solution that targets high footfall zones. Dry cleaning such as Encapsulation or Dry Compound cleaning is a method used to clean fibres that shrink or discolour when wet. Such fibres are usually made from natural cellulose resources. Examples are cotton, linen, sisal and viscose. Viscose can be wet cleaned, but the fibres must be brushed in one direction only, to protect the structure of the delicate pile. Dry cleaning is also most suitable for very short pile carpet such as those found in offices.
  • In some cases Wet Carpet Cleaning can be performed on sensitive fabrics such as cotton, but with special low pH solutions and with fast drying equipment. Before you let someone touch your delicate fabrics, contact certified organisations (TACCA, NCCA or IICIC) to verify your service provider’s qualifications and memberships.

We apply only certified and tested products from suppliers such as ProchemAlltecRestormate and Sebo. Here are some examples of the challenges that we have resolved by using these great products:

  • Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Decreasing the Infection Rate of Contaminants
  • Pet Stain Removal From Carpet
  • Red Wine Stain Removal From Carpet
  • Carpet Blood Stain Removal
  • Pet Hair Removal From Carpet in Ascot
  • Vomit Cleanup From Carpet
  • Removal of urine, vomit or blood stains – pet or human!
  • Will move furniture and clean thoroughly from corner to corner.
  • Rinse carpets with a low pH Steam solution that repels dirt.
  • Leave your carpet dry within 2 hours.
  • Use only UK cleaning products that are safe for the whole family, including pets.

We are very focused on the safety of your family, including your dear and much loved furry friends. Our entire carpet cleaning process is pet safe. Your home is left in a risk free environment, free from any nasty chemicals or pollutants.

If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning in Ascot, choose us.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Our Carpet Cleaning can result in a complete transformation.

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The surface of a glossy ceramic tile may appear to be clean, but what about those grout lines? A thorough cleaning service can be undertaken in one day.
Our professional grout cleaning specialists can restore victorian tiles carefully and thoroughly. Restore the colour and shine of Victorian tiles.
Add the polish back to your marble floors, or a strip and clean service to reach those dirty grout lines.
Do you have a lovely clean surface but cannot reach those dirty grout lines? Or textured tiles that trap the dirt in tiny holes?
We carefully and professionally enhance the shine and colour of your valued limestone surface through limestone sanding, polishing and sealing.
With our specialist Klindex tools and cleaning solutions, cleaning sandstone tiles can be undertaken in one day, whether indoors or outdoors.

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