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Services: Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

Commercial site floor cleaning and stone polishing services. We come prepared with RAMS, SSSTS, SMSTS certifications.

Commercial Floor Cleaning and Polishing. At Tile Cleaning Agents, we understand the unique demands of commercial properties. Our commitment to safety is underscored by our team’s qualifications and certifications in health and safety, ensuring that we are fully prepared to meet the rigorous standards while cleaning and restoration of floors in commercial properties.

Health and Safety Certifications

Our stone floor restoration and polishing professionals hold recognised certifications in Health and Safety Awareness set out by the Construction Industry Training Board.

Our SSSTS and SMSTS certifications equip us with the practical skills to comply with legislation and implement best practices in and around public buildings.

We recognise that offices and public spaces can only offer contracts to suppliers who are well-prepared with the necessary qualifications and certifications in health and safety.

Our expertise in managing health and safety at work, including our thorough understanding of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, makes us an ideal partner for commercial floor cleaning.

See more About Us or contact us to discuss our RAMS and qualifications.

Types of Commercial Floors that we Clean and Polish

There are several types of commercial floor cleaning services that we offer. Each requiring different methods and products. Please see our home page for the list of services that we offer. Some common types include:

Commercial Tiled Floor Cleaning: These can be made of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, or natural stone tiles such as marble or granite. They often require different cleaning and polishing techniques depending on the material.

Commercial stone floor cleaning service

Commercial Concrete Floor Maintenance Service: Concrete floors can be polished to a high shine using our specialised equipment and techniques.

Hotel and Office Marble Floor Polishing Services: We specialize in providing professional marble floor polishing services for hotels and office spaces, ensuring the restoration of the natural luster and elegance of the marble surfaces.

Commercial Terrazzo Floor Polishing Service: Made from chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass set in concrete, terrazzo floors can be polished to a smooth, glossy finish.

Commercial Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service: These are durable and often found in commercial settings like hospitals or schools. Most vinyl floors require a gloss protective shield but we also offer a satin finish.

Commercial Linoleum Floors in schools and laboratories: These floors are made from natural materials such as linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, and resins. They can be cleaned and polished to maintain their appearance and durability. Linoleum floors are specifically designed to be flame retardant and semi-permeable. They are cleaned in a similar way to vinyl, however it is not advisable to coat these floors with a shield.

Warehouse Epoxy Resin Floors Cleaning and Polishing Service: Common in industrial settings, epoxy floors are durable and resistant to chemicals and stains. They can be cleaned and polished to maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan.

Commercial Epoxy Resin Warehouse Floor Cleaning Service

Commercial Rubber Floor Cleaning Service: These non-slip floors are found in places like gyms and hospitals. Rubber floors can be difficult to maintain. The textured surface harbour dirt and grime, making it nearly impossible for cleaning with a mop.

But these challenges are easily overcome with our professional rotary floor cleaning machines. We use soft brushes to reach the dirt and this gentle approach preserves the longevity of the rubber floor.

Safety Floor Cleaning Service: Often found in wet rooms of nursing homes or commercial kitchens. With a similar approach to cleaning rubber floors, we are able to remove dirt that gets trapped inside these rough-textured floors.

Each type of floor may require different cleaning agents, equipment, and techniques to achieve the best results. It’s important to follow manufacturer recommendations and consult with professionals when cleaning and polishing commercial floors to ensure the process is done effectively and safely.

We Clean MORE than just Floors

We don’t only clean floors, we are specialist at almost any surface, be it stone, ceramic, carpet or even wood. Although this website mostly discusses our stone and tile cleaning services, we are certified to clean almost any surface.

We offer Marble Countertops polishing, Wood Countertop Sanding, Stone Floor Polishing Services to Commercial industries as well as our residential customers.

For our extensive range of cleaning and polishing services please get in touch.

Why Choose Us for your Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

By choosing Tile Cleaning Agents, commercial clients can be confident that they are partnering with a company that places a premium on safety, possesses the essential qualifications, and is fully equipped to contribute to the creation of healthier and safer commercial sites.

Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements. Experience the difference that our floor cleaning and stone floor restoration expertise can make to your buildings. Please browse our website, or take a look at our reviews online, to see how we can make your offices beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Floor Cleaning

Q: What certifications do your team members hold? A: Our team holds RAMS, SSSTS, and SMSTS certifications for health and safety compliance.

Q: What types of commercial floors do you clean and polish? A: We specialise in various surfaces including tiles, stone, concrete, marble, terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum, epoxy resin, rubber, and safety floors.

Q: Do you offer services beyond floor cleaning? A: Yes, we provide services for marble countertop polishing and stone floor polishing, among others.

Q: Why should we choose Tile Cleaning Agents? A: We prioritise safety, possess essential qualifications, and offer expertise in cleaning and restoring commercial floors.

In Summary

Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh
Tile Cleaning
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We were doubtful that the kitchen floor could be brought back to a wonderful state and this was in advance of potentially re tiling- WELL what an amazing result! Tiles look like new and the grout was what we wanted cleaned but the whole job was beyond our expectations!
Jill Scott
Jill Scott
Floor Sanding
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We are thrilled with our newly sanded floor! The room has been transformed as previously it had a very dark stain all over as well as imperfections. Its now smooth and light in colour -brightening it up no end.
Steve Bryson
Steve Bryson
Marble Floor Polishing
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I have the option of clicking on "Good quality" "Good value" "Professional" "Responsive" and "On Time." This company is all of those and so much more.
Stone Floor Polishing
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Very good professional service, highly recommended, very polite , reliable and affordable!
Victoria Franklin
Victoria Franklin
Floor Cleaning
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Super efficient, very friendly family business, pet friendly products.
JoyceT-64Grout Cleaning
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Our tiles and grout look new again, a great job Tile Cleaning Agents!
TessaS-38Marble Floor Polishing Service
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Great work, our marble floors are shiny again.
FionajJTravertine Floor Restoration
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Have already recommended to 2 friends. Highly recommended.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Service can result in a complete transformation.

Services: Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

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