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Granite restoration service Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. If your granite floor has lost its shine or become dull due to scratches, contact us for a free quotation. Whatever your granite polishing and restoration requirements, ask us for a free quote. Give us a call at 07919 624005 or email

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We offer affordable granite polishing services in London West Counties. If you want a stone floor that lasts a long time then granite is the best choice. Granite is often used to make things like outdoor sculptures and floors as well as work surfaces. Mostly made up of quartz and feldspars, as well as other dark minerals, this granular rock looks like it’s made up of small pieces. It ranges in colour from pink to grey.

There are many problems that can happen to granite over time, just like there are problems with other types of stone. For example,

  • granite discolorations due to high heat or strong chemicals;
  • efflorescence from underlying cement residue;
  • chips and cracks in granite, caused by movement;
  • light scratches on the surface that make the floor appear matt.

Many of these unwanted blemishes can be restored and the granite can be polished back to it’s former beauty.

Removing stains from granite can be very challenging and it’s important to use the correct products when trying this yourself. Our professional granite care services are very valuable to you because this hard stone can be very expensive to replace. If you’ve tried to clean granite yourself and didn’t get it right, you’ll understand how important it is to have the correct cleaning methods and solutions.

If you have problems with granite worktops or granite floor cleaning, it’s time to get help from our team. You should talk to us at Tile Cleaning Agents before you do anything else if you need commercial or residential granite cleaning or granite restoration in the UK.

Here are some restoration services that we can offer to you:

  • Granite Restoration
  • Strip and Seal service for granite floors and countertops
  • Honing and granite polishing
  • Removing lippage in uneven granite floors
  • Filling of missing grout between granite tiles.
Granite restoration is a little more time consuming than other softer stones and requires tougher sanding tools. But the advantage of granite, over softer stone such as marble or travertine, is that the shine will last for much longer. Granite is a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms where limescale can be easily removed without etching the surface of the stone. Here are some of the granite restoration services that we offer:
  • Fill scratches, cracks and holes with colour-matching resin
  • Deep cleaning of granite tiles and grouting
  • Restore the shine to your granite floors using diamond pads
  • Protect granite tiles and counter tops with solvent based impregnating sealant
  • Enhance the colour of granite surfaces, creating a wet look that could disguise unwanted blemishes
Tile Cleaning Agents is the leading granite cleaning service provider in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. Let our professional and experienced team take care of your granite cleaning and sealing requirements.

For affordable granite cleaning, restoration and polishing service please contact us first.

Granite is a very hard igneous rock that can be found in white, pink and grey colours. It consists of quartz and feldspar and can be coarse and grainy. With its high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, it is much more durable and stain-resistant than other stone tiles, such as marble or travertine. But it can still be stained by oil, high heat and scratches.

To read more about granite and it’s metamorphic counterpart, gneiss, please read our blog posts under the News section.

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Our cleaning specialists are certified by Prochem and Klindex. We’re fully insured and our cleaning methods will retain your floor’s warranty.

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