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Services: Limestone Floor Polishing Service

Limestone Floor Polishing Service

Professional Limestone Floor Grinding and Polishing Service. We resurface limestone floors and countertops. Ask us for a free limestone polishing quote. We repair cracks and holes before sanding with diamond rotary pads and water. No dust.

Professional Limestone Floor Polishing Service. We resurface limestone floors and countertops.

If you’re in need of a quality limestone floor cleaning and polishing services then you’ve come to the right place.

We restore all forms of limestone surfaces, be it floors, counter tops, basins and bathrooms. Whatever your limestone cleaning and restoration requirements, ask us for a free quote.

Not sure what type of tile you have? Give us a call and we might be able to tell you if it’s marble, limestone, travertine or ceramic.

Limestone Floor Polishing Service

Different types of limestone floors for polishing include tiles, slabs, and mosaics. Limestone is vulnerable to scratches, etching, staining, lippage, and general wear and tear.

To restore limestone surfaces, specialised techniques like cleaning, repairing, honing, and polishing are necessary.

Limestone Countertop Polishing Service

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Limestone Vanity Top Polishing Service

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Limestone Floor Polishing Services

Our Limestone Polishing Service Process

As a seasoned professional limestone floor cleaning company, we use specialised equipment and products to ensure beautiful clean and shiny floors.

Our process not only enhances the limestone’s aesthetic appeal but also prolongs its lifespan.

Limestone floor restoration involves renewing and revitalising worn, dull, or damaged surfaces. It encompasses a series of specialised techniques and treatments to restore the limestone’s natural beauty and lustre.

Our restoration process typically includes:

  1. Cleaning the limestone floors: Thoroughly removing dirt, grime, and old sealants from the surface and grout.
  2. Repairing limestone: Addressing chips, cracks, or other damages by filling and smoothing imperfections.
  3. Sanding and Honing limestone floors: Using abrasive materials and techniques to level the surface, remove scratches, and create a uniform finish. Our water and diamond pad method ensures a dust-free restoration process.
  4. Polishing limestone: Buffing with progressively finer abrasives and polishing powders to achieve a high-gloss finish.
  5. Sealing limestone floors: Applying a protective sealant to prevent future staining and damage.

Common Limestone Floor Problems

Dirty Grout Between Limestone Floors

When we clean your floor we pay special attention to the grout. This is where dirt tends to accumulate and impossible to remove with a mop.

Missing Grout From Between Limestone Tiles

If you’re missing grout from between your tiles and would like to have it replaced, we can do this for you. Please see our Limestone Grout Replacement Service page.

Too Much Grout Residue on Newly Laid Limestone Floors

We remove unwanted grout residue from new limestone floors. For more information please see our grout hase removal from limestone floors page.

Dirty Limestone Floors have become Dull and Lost its shine

After we clean your limestone floors we use abrasive diamond pads to hone out the damage in your floor and restore the shine. This is the most popular stone floor cleaning and polishing service.

Repair Cracks and Holes in Limestone Floors and Countertops

For repairing cracks and holes in limestone floors and countertops please see our page Stone Repair Service

Uneven Limestone Tiles Causing a Trip Hazard

Are your uneven tiles causing a trip hazard? Please see our page Limestone Floor Lippage Removal Service

Want to Change the Surface of your Limestone Floor?

Are you finding your limestone floor overly shiny, to the point of being blinding on sunny days? Perhaps you prefer a more subdued, matte finish like satin or honed.

Alternatively, if your floor accumulates dirt quickly, opting for a honed surface might be more practical, especially in households with children or pets tracking in dirt from outside.

Highly glossy limestone floors tend to magnify even the smallest scratches or spills, necessitating more frequent restoration. Transitioning to a honed surface reduces the visibility of scuffs and stains while still allowing subtle reflections in sunlight.

Considering a change from high gloss to matte? A honed surface offers the advantage of less noticeable scuff marks.

Curious about the cost of transitioning your limestone floor from gloss to matte? Our restoration service can provide an estimate. If you’re not satisfied, we can always restore it to a glossy finish in the future.

Our limestone polishing service in Ascot can address inconsistent finishes or transform your floor with honed, satin, or glossy finishes. Unsure about your preference? We’re happy to demonstrate different finishes on a small area of your floor before you decide.

Want to Clean Your Limestone Floors before installing a new Kitchen?

Our limestone floor cleaning services provide a seamless solution for customers transitioning between kitchen renovations.

By using our limestone floor polishing services before the installation of new kitchen counters.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we deliver unparalleled results, leaving our customers’ limestone floors looking refreshed and ready to complement their brand-new kitchen design.

Cleaning Limestone Floors between Kitchen Installations

Limestone Floor Cleaning and Restoration Questions

What Limestone Floor Cleaning Products Do You Use?

At our limestone floor cleaning company, we exclusively utilise top-tier cleaning products sourced from trusted suppliers.

While our cleaning solutions boast high alkalinity, rest assured, we’re equipped to restore your floor effectively.

For daily upkeep in your homes, we advocate for a pH-neutral floor cleaner.

To care for and rejuvenate the lustre of your limestone floor, our process typically involves stripping, cleaning, and polishing, commencing with a high pH stripping solution.

For routine maintenance, we advise employing a neutral pH cleaning solution, avoiding acidic options.

Acid should only be used by professional stone restoration specialists in specific scenarios, always followed by polishing the stone thereafter.

Where Do You Offer Limestone Floor Polishing Services

We provide our services for maintaining the beauty of limestone floors and surfaces in both residential and commercial settings.

Our limestone floor polishing services are available in Berkshire and the surrounding areas within a radius of approximately 50 miles.

Additionally, we travel nationally for larger week-long projects

How Much Will It Cost To Clean And Polish My Limestone Floor?

The cost of cleaning and repairing limestone floors is determined by the extent of damage, such as scratches, cracks, and stains.

For a comprehensive sanding, polishing, and sealing service, the price typically falls within the range of £20 to £35 per square meter.

Do you Repair Cracks and Holes in Limestone Floors?

Yes we repair cracks and holes in limestone floors. We use epoxy resin which forms a strong bond with the stone.

The colour of the resin can be customised using various resin paint mixtures that are blended into the resin before application.

Any excess resin residue is sanded and polished to blend with the surrounding limestone.

Do you Remove Scratches from Limestone Floors?

Light scratches and scuff marks on a limestone floor can diminish the beauty of the stone. We can restore a honed surface or a high gloss surface in a just one or two days.

Deeper scratches on a limestone floor may require sanding and then blended in to the neighbouring stone.

If a scratch is too deep to be sanded out, it is advisable to fill the damaged area.
For such instances, we use epoxy resin filler, which is also used to fill cracks and holes in limestone, as well as other stone floors.

Limestone staircase polishing

Why Choose Our Limestone Polishing Services

Why Choose Our Limestone Polishing Services?

Backed by extensive experience and a team of highly skilled craftsmen, we are committed to delivering top-tier limestone restoration services customized to meet your distinct requirements and budget.

  1. Expertise & Experience: Our restoration specialists boast vast limestone knowledge, ensuring optimal restoration using effective techniques.
  2. State-of-the-Art Equipment: We employ cutting-edge tools designed for limestone restoration, delivering remarkable results while safeguarding the stone.
  3. Comprehensive Restoration: From scratches to dullness, we offer varied services like honing, polishing, and stain removal for all limestone damages.
  4. Customised Solutions: Every limestone surface is unique; hence, we craft tailored restoration plans based on careful assessment and your specific concerns.
  5. Attention to Detail: We guarantee meticulous craftsmanship, exceeding expectations by restoring limestone surfaces to impress for years.
  6. Timely & Professional: We prioritise efficiency without compromising quality, working with you to minimise disruption to your schedule.
  7. Affordable Pricing: Accessible limestone restoration with competitive, transparent rates ensures excellent value for your investment

Here is a list of areas where we offer our limestone floor restoration services.

If your town is not listed here, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help you.

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In Summary

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Gurpreet Singh
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We were doubtful that the kitchen floor could be brought back to a wonderful state and this was in advance of potentially re tiling- WELL what an amazing result! Tiles look like new and the grout was what we wanted cleaned but the whole job was beyond our expectations!
Jill Scott
Jill Scott
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We are thrilled with our newly sanded floor! The room has been transformed as previously it had a very dark stain all over as well as imperfections. Its now smooth and light in colour -brightening it up no end.
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I have the option of clicking on "Good quality" "Good value" "Professional" "Responsive" and "On Time." This company is all of those and so much more.
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Victoria Franklin
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Super efficient, very friendly family business, pet friendly products.
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Our tiles and grout look new again, a great job Tile Cleaning Agents!
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Great work, our marble floors are shiny again.
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Have already recommended to 2 friends. Highly recommended.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Our Limestone Floor Polishing Service can result in a complete transformation.

Services: Limestone Floor Polishing Service

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