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Marble Polishing In Sherfield Upon Loddon. Tile Cleaning Agents covering Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. If you’re in need of a quality marble restoration company to restore the shine to your marble floors, then you’ve come to the right place. We restore all forms of marble from floors, countertops, basins and shower walls. Whatever your marble tile cleaning and restoration requirements, ask us for a free quote. If you don’t know what type of tile you have please send us a few pictures and we should be able to identify whether it’s marble, limestone, travertine or even slate. You could have your quote by the end of the day!

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We highly recommend that marble floors in high trafficked areas receive regular care and maintenance for longer lasting beautiful floors. By sweeping away dust and sand particles daily, you will prolong the polished surface of your tiles, keeping your floors glossy for longer. Mopping with warm water and a neutral pH cleaning solution will gently clean the surface of oils and sticky residue. Avoid spilling hot drinks and acids that can etch away at the surface, and never use bleach or limescale-removing products.
Our general marble cleaning and restoration method is as follows:

  • Deep cleaning of stone and grouting with a rotary brush machine and by hand
  • Rinsing off solution with neutral pH marble floor cleaner
  • Marble chip repair
  • Marble crack repair services
  • Fill cracks and holes with colour-matching resin
  • Marble sanding to remove scratches and to level out any resin repair
  • Hone the floor with diamond sanding pads
  • Restore the shine of marble floors with varying grades of polishing pads and diamond paste
  • Protect stone floors with impregnating sealants


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for a general idea of the cost of restoring marble floors. Or contact us for a more accurate quote. All you need to do is send pictures to our email or by WhatsApp and you’ll get an estimate within 24 hours. 

Light scratches and scuff marks on a marble floor can make a beautiful floor look old but it’s not too difficult to re-polish the surface to a super gloss surface. This is a standard clean, polish and seal service for most marble floor restoration requirements.

A marble floor can be sanded to remove slightly deeper scratches and this takes a little more time that a standard service. If a scratch is too deep to be sanded out it might be better to fill the damaged area. For such deep scratches in marble we use epoxy resin filler. This filler is also used to fill cracks and holes in marble, as well as other stone floors. The colour of the resin can be matched with a variety of resin paint mixtures that is combined into the resin before applying it to the marble. Any excess resin residue is sanded and polished to match the surrounding marble. 


Many of our customers ask us how often they need to restore their marble floors. The truth is, there is no specific time. It really depends on the type of stone, the amount of traffic and personal preference. As a guide we recommend every two to five years but during this time you should not spill anything on the floor and should sweep regularly. Leaving outdoor shoes at the door is always the best option.

Marble is durable, but over time even a durable surface will require some attention.  Some marbles are harder than others but being a calcium-based stone means it’s susceptible to scratches and acid damage. If your marble floor is looking a little worse for wear it might be time to call in the stone restoration professionals who can restore your floor to its former grandeur.

Marble polishing with varying grades of sanding discs can bring the shine back to your beautiful marble stone tiles. As a professional marble polishing service, we can provide a complete cleaning and restoration service for you in one day.

Have you noticed that your marble floor is shiny in some areas but dull in others? Perhaps you’d like to tone down the shine and make the floor more matt, such as satin or honed? A great example of this would be in a busy household with lots of children or pets that tend to bring in dirt from outside. Scratches and spillages can occur so easily and the only way to hide it is to call a professional marble polishing company. But this damage will be less noticeable on a floor that has a matt surface, so why not try it? If you don’t like it you can always ask us to polish it back to a high shine the next time you need a restoration service.

Whatever your need, our marble polishing service in Ascot can even out an inconsistent finish or create a new look by changing the finish to honed, satin, or gloss.

If you aren’t sure what you would like, we as marble polishing service provider are happy to demonstrate the different finishes on a small area of your floor before you decide.


Our marble floor cleaning company uses only the highest quality cleaning products from Klindex, the trusted source of restoration products across the globe. For general we recommend a pH neutral floor cleaner. If we haven’t left a bottle with you after our service please ask us about it.

Caring for and restoring the lustre of your marble floor usually entails a strip, clean and polish and we begin with a high pH stripping solution. For general maintenance we recommend using neutral pH cleaning solution, but never acidic. Only professional stone restoration specialists should use acid for certain situations but the stone is always polished afterwards.

  • We flush out collected dirt and grime from tiles and grout
  • Remove stubborn stains from marble tiles and countertops
  • Remove the old seal, and polish the marble back to its former shine.


Acids are used to remove limescale from bathroom taps, basins and walls that are made of porcelain or granite. But stone that contains calcium will etch very quickly when using acidic solutions and the only way to remove the limescale is to sand it off with specialist diamond sanding pads. Don’t try it yourself – you may end up scratching the surface. Rather call a marble repair specialist to restore it efficiently and safely.

Please see our FAQ’s page for more answers, or arrange for a demonstration before making your decision.

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Marble Cleaning (1) Marble Cleaning (2)
Polishing marble floors Marble Cleaning (2)
Marble basin polishing restoration Marble basin polishing restoration - restored surface
Removing etch spillages from marble floors Acid spillage etch mark removed from marble floor
Marble shower restoration - removing limescale from stone bathroom walls Limescale removed from marble walls in shower cubicle

Our Services

Add the polish back to your marble floors, or a strip and clean service to reach those dirty grout lines.
We carefully and professionally enhance the shine and colour of your valued limestone surface through limestone sanding, polishing and sealing.
With our specialist Klindex tools and cleaning solutions, cleaning sandstone tiles can be undertaken in one day, whether indoors or outdoors.
A strip and seal service that will clean travertine holes at very little cost. Sanding out scratches and filling, restoring the honed satin finish.
As an experienced slate restoration company in Ascot, we can repair any kind of cracks, chips or scratches in your floors.
If your granite floor has lost its shine or become dull due to stains or high traffic, contact us for a free quotation.
The surface of a glossy ceramic tile may appear to be clean, but what about those grout lines? A thorough cleaning service can be undertaken in one day.
Our professional grout cleaning specialists can restore victorian tiles carefully and thoroughly. Restore the colour and shine of Victorian tiles.
Do you have a lovely clean surface but cannot reach those dirty grout lines? Or textured tiles that trap the dirt in tiny holes?
We are expert at removing pre-existing floor coating and restoring the honed or gloss finish that brightens your terrazzo floor.
Terracotta tile cleaning demands professional machinery, correct sealants, products, and experience to clean, restore, protect your terracotta floors.
Our cleaning specialists are certified by Prochem and Klindex. We’re fully insured and our cleaning methods will retain your floor’s warranty.

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