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Tile Cleaning Agents offers Porcelain tile cleaning throughout South West counties of London. Do you have a lovely clean surface but cannot reach those dirty grout lines? Or do you have textured porcelain tiles that trap the dirt in tiny holes? Call us today and we’ll have those porcelain tiles cleaned in a jiffy! With our specialist floor rotary machinery, tile cleaning solutions and qualified staff, you’ll be impressed with the porcelain tile cleaning results. Quotes can be estimated within a few hours if you send some pictures to 07919624005 or info@cleaningagents.co.uk.

Not sure if your tiles are made of stone, ceramic or porcelain? Send us some pictures and we might be able to tell you without visiting the property.

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Porcelain tiles are generally easy to clean, which is why they are becoming so popular in new builds. However, in our experience, our customers are finding it difficult to keep the surface shiny, without an expensive and bulky buffing machine. Any build-up of soapy suds is often the cause of the cloudiness. The best way to avoid these streaks is to use a pH neutral cleaning solution that’s very dilute.

For occasional deep cleaning of tiles and grout lines, we use a heavy-duty rotary machine with strong bristles that reach shallow or deep grooves that you couldn’t reach with your standard mop. We thoroughly rinse the tiles with the pH neutral cleaner and wait for it to dry before applying an optional sealant to the grout lines.

Each floor is different and our customers should receive a free bespoke consultation before any price can be confirmed. Why not contact us now to see what we can do for you? Send us some pictures and we could give you a guide price without visiting the property.

Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tile tile and is the name for some materials made after heating. Ceramic tiles don’t fade in sunlight and are resilient to high temperatures, making them fire-resistant. The clay used to build porcelain tiles is generally denser, giving it a much lower water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent. With such a low density it is almost impossible for any impregnating sealant to stick to the surface, so we don’t often offer it to our customers. However, we do offer it for porous grouting.

Unglazed tiles can be porous and subject to staining, which can be difficult to remove. Some floor tiles can be glazed, however, it will consist of protruding particles to keep it slip-resistant. Glazed tiles are stain-resistant and very popular for use on the walls of bathrooms, kitchens and restaurants where frequent washing is required.

Porcelain vitrified tiles have a dense, hard surface made by polishing to a shine, a viable alternative to a glazed surface. This means that a tile can be fired, then a polish cut into the surface, creating a shine without a glaze.

Porcelain is denser and therefore heavier to handle than other ceramic tiles. For this reason, it is generally more expensive. Being harder, it is more difficult to cut and drill and requires specialist tools, which can hamper fitting and increase costs. Polished porcelain tile cleaning may need sealing, where ordinary glazed tiles do not.  When porcelain is first made, it is not absorbent, but the polishing process for making the unglazed surface shiny cuts into the surface, leaving it more porous and prone to absorbing stains, in the same way as natural stone tiles. Unless the manufacturer applies a suitable, long-lasting treatment, it may be advisable to apply a porcelain sealant to prevent seepage of dirt.

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The surface of a glossy ceramic tile may appear to be clean, but what about those grout lines? A thorough cleaning service can be undertaken in one day.
Our professional grout cleaning specialists can restore victorian tiles carefully and thoroughly. Restore the colour and shine of Victorian tiles.
Add the polish back to your marble floors, or a strip and clean service to reach those dirty grout lines.
Do you have a lovely clean surface but cannot reach those dirty grout lines? Or textured tiles that trap the dirt in tiny holes?
We carefully and professionally enhance the shine and colour of your valued limestone surface through limestone sanding, polishing and sealing.
With our specialist Klindex tools and cleaning solutions, cleaning sandstone tiles can be undertaken in one day, whether indoors or outdoors.

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