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At Cleaning Agents we offer professional Quarry tile cleaning and quarry floor Cleaning in Ascot and surrounding areas of Berkshire and Surrey. Our cleaning specialists are certified by Prochem and Klindex. We are fully insured and our cleaning methods will retain your floor’s warranty because we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. For safe strip and seal service of quarry tiles, call us now at 01344 374671 or email info@cleaningagents.co.uk

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Originally made from quarried stone, quarry tiles are typically unglazed and made from extruded slabs of clay or shale. They can be as thick as ¾” and come in a variety of square and rectangular shapes. They range in colour from buff (cream) to browns and reds, depending on the type of clay and firing temperature. Often the pattern and colour can tell us when it was installed, for example, blue hues were introduced during the Edwardian era whereas the Victorian era has more brown and dark reds. In the 1930’s quarry tiles have become less porous and easier to maintain. Many of these tiles have full-bodied colour throughout the tile, making them durable and suitable for heavy traffic, because as the tile wears thin the colour remains throughout the decades.

Cleaning the surface of quarry tiles can be done with a black scrubbing pad or gentle brushes. The tiles can withstand a variety of strong solvents to remove heavy grease, and even many years of garage paint. To keep it clean, however, one must be very careful not to allow the tiles to come adrift from each other because the old mortar was not made from the glue-type grout that we have today. If one tile comes loose, they all come loose!

With Tile Cleaning Agents you have found the best quarry tile cleaning service in Ascot, Berkshire.

  • Remove old garage paint from quarry tiles
  • Deep cleaning of quarry tiles and grouting
  • Fill cracks and holes with colour-matching quarry resin
  • Protect quarry floors with impregnating sealants
  • Coat with a topical wax to restore a beautiful satin sheen
Please contact us for a free quote, there is no obligation to accept our quote, however nobody has ever declined so we must be offering affordable rates.
Contact us today to find the most suitable cleaning and restoration solutions for your quarry tiles. For a free quotation call 01344 374671 or contact info@cleaningagents.co.uk

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