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Travertine Restoration

Travertine Restoration

Professional Travertine Floor Grinding and Polishing Service. We resurface marble floors and countertops. Ask us for a free travertine polishing quote. We repair cracks and holes before sanding with diamond rotary pads and water. No dust.

Travertine restoration and polishing is our speciality. Give your travertine floors and countertops a new life with Tile Cleaning Agents high quality travertine restoration service. We provide strip and seal service that will clean travertine holes and brighten your rooms. We sand out scratches and fill travertine holes before restoring the honed or gloss surface that was once the pride of the home when first installed. For travertine tile maintenance and restoration, contact us now to reserve a free quotation.

Welcome to Tile Cleaning Agents, your local experienced Travertine Restoration Service provider

Are you tired of dull, dirty, and damaged travertine surfaces in your home or commercial space? Look no further! At Tile Cleaning Agents we provide a Professional Travertine Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing Service, and we specialise in restoring the natural beauty of your travertine, making it look as good as new. With our meticulous cleaning, polishing, and sealing techniques, we guarantee exceptional results that will leave you amazed.

Our Travertine Restoration and Polishing Services

  • Travertine Cleaning: Our professional cleaning process is designed to remove deep-seated dirt, grime, and stains from your travertine surfaces. We use advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning experience. Say goodbye to unsightly spots and discoloration and say hello to a revived travertine surface.
  • Travertine Polishing: If your travertine has lost its shine and lustre over time, our expert polishing services will restore its natural brilliance. Our skilled technicians employ industry-leading techniques and high-quality polishing compounds to eliminate scratches, dullness, and etching. The result? A smooth, glossy finish that enhances the beauty of your travertine.
  • Travertine Sealing: Protect your travertine from future damage with our professional sealing services. We utilise top-of-the-line sealants that penetrate deep into the pores of the stone, creating a protective barrier against stains, moisture, and other potential hazards. Our sealing process ensures that your travertine retains its beauty and remains resistant to everyday wear and tear.
  • Hole and Crack Filling: Is your travertine marred by unsightly holes and cracks? Our skilled technicians are adept at filling these imperfections with high-quality epoxy resin. This process not only restores the integrity of your travertine but also improves its overall appearance. Our attention to detail ensures a seamless and flawless finish.

Why choose our Travertine Floor Restoration services?

  • Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals is highly skilled in travertine cleaning, polishing, and sealing. We stay updated with the latest techniques and tools to deliver exceptional results.
  • Quality Assurance: We are committed to providing the highest level of quality in every service we offer. Our technicians pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your travertine surfaces receive the care they deserve.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations and leave you completely satisfied with our services. Our friendly team is always ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Experience the Difference

Transform your travertine surfaces with our professional cleaning, polishing, and sealing services. From reviving the natural beauty of your travertine to filling holes and cracks with epoxy resin, we ensure stunning results that will leave you delighted. Don’t settle for less when it comes to caring for your travertine—choose Tile Cleaning Agents for your Professional Travertine Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing Service today.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment or request a free quote. Let us bring back the timeless elegance of your travertine!

Are your travertine floors plagued by dirty grout lines and stubborn ingrained soil? It’s time to call in the professionals for top-notch travertine restoration. Tile Cleaning Agents has established an enviable reputation for quality and service. Take the first step towards revitalising your travertine floor by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with our trained and experienced travertine restoration experts.

Travertine Book Matched Floor Restorations

Travertine Floor Cleaning Services

Travertine flooring, like many types of natural stone, comes in various finishes, each requiring a different approach to restoration. Take a closer look at the different finishes of travertine flooring

  • Travertine Cleaning: Learn more about our travertine floor cleaning services.
  • Travertine Showers: Find out how we can clean and restore travertine showers.
  • Travertine Sealing: Discover how we can protect your travertine floors with our sealing services.
  • Travertine Restoration: Explore our comprehensive travertine floor restoration options.

Cleaning Travertine Tile Floors

Travertine tiles, resembling sponges made of stone, feature a multitude of different-sized holes. Over time, wear on the floor exposes fresh cavities, which gradually become filled with dirt. Unfortunately, homeowners are unable to effectively clean this impacted dirt from the cavities and pits. In the presence of grease and oil, the accumulated dirt becomes even more stubborn.

So, how do industry professionals tackle dirt that’s ingrained in travertine?

  • Application of Cleaning Solution: A powerful cleaning chemical is applied to the tiles, allowing it to break down the greasy soil over a designated period.
  • Travertine Shower Cleaning: Working on travertine shower walls and floors requires specialised expertise. Travertine showers face specific issues due to the acidic nature of hot water, erosion caused by soap scum and body fat, and the growth of mould and mildew. Acidic ingredients in bathroom and shower cleaners can also damage travertine. It’s important to choose cleaning products that dissolve oils without containing acidic components. Professional cleaning and restoration, including the use of diamond-impregnated pads for honing and the application of acid-resistant sealers, can extend the lifespan of travertine showers.
  • Rotary Scrubbing: We use rotary scrubbing machinery to remove the dirt from the tiles. For heavily soiled areas, we utilise a scrubbing unit with specialised brushes and pressurised water to agitate the dirt effectively.
  • Cleaning of Grout between travertine tiles: After the floor is thoroughly cleaned with the rotary and wet vacuum system we double check the area and ensure the grout lines are clean. If we detect any grout that’s still dirty we use hand scrubbing brushes and hot water extraction kits to remove the stubborn dirt.

Professional Cleaning and Sealing of Tumbled Travertine

Tumbled travertine tiles boast exposed natural holes and can have a dull or honed finish, providing a subtle sheen. However, keeping these tiles and grout lines clean can be challenging, especially if they are improperly sealed or the original seal has worn away. The captivating holes and crevices that enhance the beauty of this travertine also become troublesome as they trap dust, grease, soil, and dirty water from daily mopping, resulting in unsightly black marks over time.

Aggressive floor cleaning, even with a scrubbing brush, particularly on the grout lines, fails to remove all the embedded soil and often pushes more dirt into the holes. Furthermore, holes can expand as the edges break away or the filler deteriorates.

Fortunately, the right sealer can restore the beauty of tumbled travertine floors and significantly simplify the cleaning process. Professional cleaning equipment and heavy-duty travertine floor cleaning products are essential for effectively removing ingrained soil from the stone.

Our process begins by applying a suitable deep cleaner, which is then scrubbed into the stone to release soil particles and create a slurry. The challenge lies in removing the dirty slurry, as a wet vacuum can only reach most of the holes, leaving deep holes and small pits untouched. To tackle this, we employ pressurized hot water through our “clean and capture” equipment, effectively rinsing out the slurry and soil from even the most challenging areas. Once the floor is dry, we seal it with a suitable sealer tailored to your specific needs.

Professional Cleaning and Sealing of Honed Travertine Floor Tiles

Honed travertine tiles offer a smooth finish that can range from dull to a high sheen, depending on your desired level of lustre. These natural stone floors feature holes that are filled before finishing to achieve a sleek appearance. However, over time, you may encounter various issues.

Over time, various issues can arise with travertine tiles. Holes may start appearing in the tiles, while traffic lanes can lose their shine due to foot traffic wearing down the surface. Etch marks may develop as a result of acidic food and drink spills, and scratches can occur from tracked-in grit and furniture movement. Additionally, the use of strong cleaners can gradually degrade penetrating sealers. Furthermore, grout lines tend to accumulate more dirt over time.

Professional Cleaning and Sealing of Polished Travertine Floor Tiles

Polished travertine tiles can be prone to wear, scratches, soiled grout, and loss of sealer. Regular maintenance and polishing are necessary to maintain their exquisite appearance. Our travertine floor cleaning and protection systems are designed to extend the lifespan of your polished travertine floors, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

In certain cases, honed travertine tiles are polished to achieve a high-gloss finish. However, both polished and dull honed travertine can suffer from wear, scratches, soiled grout, and sealant loss. These floors require regular maintenance, including grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing, to retain their stunning appearance.

Our professional restoration services ensure that your travertine floors are expertly handled and finished to perfection, even if it involves intricate processes such as grinding, honing, and polishing. We also offer specialized sealing options to protect and enhance the beauty of your travertine surfaces.

Professional Cleaning and Polishing Vein Cut Travertine Flooring

Vein cut travertine tiles are uniquely crafted from the end-grain of the stone, resulting in distinctive flooring options. Most often, the holes inherent in this type of travertine flooring are left as a prominent feature of the polished stone. However, if desired, the holes can be filled with hard epoxy or grout. Similar to face-cut tiles, vein cut travertine tiles can be cleaned and sealed to achieve a dull or mid-sheen finish. Alternatively, they can be honed and polished to achieve a high-gloss shine.

Generally, travertine stone floors with lippage exceeding 2mm will require grinding to create a smooth surface before honing and polishing can be done. Similarly, if a travertine floor has deep scratches or damage that cannot be eliminated through honing alone, grinding is necessary.

At Tile Cleaning Agents, our travertine restoration services cover all aspects of professional cleaning and repair.

Here are some key areas we specialise in

  • Travertine Crack Repair

Travertine tiles often develop cracks and holes due to their relatively less robust nature compared to porcelain, granite, and marble. Cracks typically occur in areas with significant movement in the floor base, such as doorways or between different subfloors. Weakness in a tile can lead to crack formation. Our crack repair process involves opening up the crack, preparing it for filling with diamond burrs, and filling it with a colour-matched resin filler or grout. Resin fillers are smoothed using a polishing tool, while grout is left after sponging. Proper crack repair is more cost-effective than replacing the entire tile.

  • Travertine Hole Repair

Due to its honeycomb structure, travertine naturally develops holes of varying sizes, ranging from tiny holes to 3 cm in diameter. Filled travertine is factory-treated with a filler known as Travertine Spackle to fill the surface cavities. However, incomplete filling can create weak spots. During restoration, cavities can be filled with grout or resin filler, which is then sanded smooth. Filling holes with resin may not be practical if there are numerous holes in the tiles.

  • Travertine Grout Repair

Caustic cleaners and spills can permanently damage the colour of grout. Deep grout cleaning and regrouting with new grout are effective solutions. Old grout can be removed using diamond cutting tools before applying new grout. However, regrouting and grout removal can be labour-intensive and costly.

  • Filling holes in tiles with long-lasting fillers

Removing scratches, etch marks, and degradation by honing the floor. Our deep cleaning process effectively eliminates ingrained dirt, and we finish by sealing the floor with a water-based travertine sealer, restoring its beauty. With our finishing and protection systems, your travertine floors will enjoy an extended lifespan, allowing you to savour their elegance for years to come.

  • Sealing Travertine Floors

The approach to sealing travertine depends on the type of travertine and the condition of the sub-floor. In older homes and cottages, travertine may be laid on floors without a damp-proof membrane, a common issue considering the vast number of Victorian and Edwardian properties in the UK. In these cases, we apply a breathable silane penetrating impregnating sealer. Multiple layers of sealer are required to ensure optimal protection for the travertine.

For travertine tile floors with a damp-proof membrane, various sealing options are available. Polished travertine requires an impregnating sealer to preserve its natural appearance. Honed travertine, with its smooth, no-sheen finish, is more porous than polished travertine but less porous than tumbled travertine.

We don’t only restore floors, we restore walls and countertops, which are also susceptible to acidic spillages and limescale build-up.


  • Cleaning the travertine tiles and grout
  • Stripping off old sealants from travertine surface
  • Remove trapped dirt with specialist solvents and industrial wet vacuum system
  • Restoring floors, walls and vanity units


Acid spills can cause etching on both honed and polished tiles. To protect honed travertine, surface or film-forming sealers are often used. These sealers create a protective film on the travertine surface, providing resistance against immediate wear from acids. However, if left untreated, acids can eventually penetrate the sealer and wear down the travertine. The film-forming sealer leaves a clear protective film on the floor. We recommend pre-sealing with an impregnating sealer to enhance protection. When the surface sealer wears off, the impregnating sealer continues to offer protection until the floor is re-sealed.


Surface sealers typically last between two to four years. We encourage a six-month check-up on high-wear areas and deep cleaning of traffic-prone locations. Adding a few coats of sealer in specific areas will help prolong its effectiveness, ensuring a stylish and well-protected surface.


In addition to restoring travertine tile floors, we specialise in rejuvenating countertops, worktops, and vanity units. Oftentimes, travertine surfaces suffer from etch marking, resulting in dull and rough spots on their once glossy finish. Etching occurs when acidic liquids spill onto the stone.


Surprisingly, many common household liquids, such as tea, coffee, colas, fruit juices, vinegar, milk, water rings, and hand soaps, possess acidic properties. Kitchens and bathrooms, precisely where homeowners love travertine, frequently encounter these liquids.


Travertine vanity units tend to display etch marks caused by acidic spillages and watermarking. Attempts to remove such watermarks would only make it worse. To restore the surface, we use honing pads and powders to hone the travertine, followed by polishing powders to regain its beautiful shine.


Travertine worktops and vanity tops are exquisite additions to any kitchen or bathroom, providing a touch of luxury and elegance. However, over time, these beautiful surfaces can suffer from etching, staining, and general wear and tear. Fortunately, professional restoration and polishing services are available to revive the natural beauty of your travertine worktops and vanity tops. On this page and in our Gallery, we will explore the transformative process of restoring and sealing these surfaces, showcasing the stunning results that can be achieved.


The Challenge of Severely Etched Travertine countertop


When your travertine vanity top becomes severely etched due to exposure to acidic substances like tea, coffee, or cleaning products, it can leave unsightly marks and a rough surface texture. These etchings compromise the smoothness and shine of the travertine, detracting from its inherent beauty. Restoring such a surface requires professional expertise and specialised techniques to eliminate the etch marks and restore the flawless appearance of the vanity top.


Trained professionals understand the intricate nature of travertine and possess the knowledge and tools necessary to perform professional restoration and polishing. The restoration process begins by honing the travertine surface using honing pads and powders. This technique gently removes a thin layer of the damaged travertine, smoothing out the etch marks and restoring a uniform appearance. The process continues with polishing, which enhances the shine and lustre of the travertine, transforming it into a breath-taking focal point in your kitchen or bathroom.


After the restoration process, it is crucial to protect the newly restored travertine worktop or vanity top. Sealing is a vital step in the maintenance and preservation of these surfaces. A high-quality sealant is applied to create a protective barrier, safeguarding the travertine against stains, moisture, and everyday wear. By sealing the surface, you ensure that your travertine worktop or vanity top maintains its restored beauty for years to come.


A Beautifully Restored and Sealed Travertine Vanity Top


Once the professional restoration and sealing process is complete, the transformation of your travertine vanity top is truly remarkable. The etch marks are eliminated, leaving behind a smooth, polished surface that exudes elegance. The sealed travertine not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also provides a durable and easy-to-maintain surface that will withstand the demands of daily use. You can once again enjoy the pristine beauty of your travertine worktop or vanity top, making it the centrepiece of your kitchen or bathroom.


Professional restoration and polishing services for travertine worktops and vanity tops offer a remarkable solution for rejuvenating and preserving the natural beauty of these surfaces. From eliminating severe etch marks to restoring a smooth, polished finish, the expertise of professionals can transform your travertine into a stunning focal point in your home. By investing in professional restoration and sealing, you can enjoy the timeless elegance and durability of your travertine worktop or vanity top for years to come. Let the beauty of travertine shine through, bringing a touch of luxury to your living space.


What is travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone created from a continual flow of water through the stone. This natural process is responsible for the beautiful banding which gives travertine it’s unique and captivating appearance. There’s nothing quite like travertine tiles for creating a unique earthy look inside a home or outdoor area.

The flow of water also creates tiny holes in the bands, and these are magnets for dirt and grime. Most travertine tiles are filled to avoid the accumulation of dirt, but even so, if left unattended, the built-up grime will detract from the natural elegance of the stone. It’s a good thing we’re nearby because our travertine floor cleaning and polishing process will take care of it efficiently and affordably.

To summarise our polishing process would be similar to sanding wood, or buffing a finger nail to a high shine. We also offer stone repair with epoxy resin to fill travertine holes and cracks before we restore the shine to the floor.

  • Filling of travertine holes and cracks with epoxy resin
  • Honing the floor with diamond sanding pads to remove scratches and etch marks which may have been caused by acidic spillages such as wine, vinegar or bathroom products.
  • Restoration is completed by honing the floor with an 800-grit diamond sanding pad.

A honed finish that can be created with an 800-grit diamond sanding pad will have a very feint reflection. Some people might call this matt and is particularly useful in busy households where light scuffs will not be very noticeable. Most of our customers have a honed finish, especially with travertine and limestone tiles.

The wonderful thing about calcium-containing tiles is that they’re soft and can be easily polished to a higher shine. We can offer varying degrees if shine, from satin to extreme gloss. Please do ask us to perform a demonstration and we can give you a price for each result. If you decide later on that the gloss is not suitable then we can always hone it down again.

We are fully certified in travertine cracked tile repair and cleaning. We use only industry-approved products for guaranteed quality. The most common products we use are:

  • a high pH cleaning solution used only in the professional industry
  • a neutral pH cleaning solution used to rinse off any strong chemicals
  • a low pH solution to remove limescale from ceramics and porcelain. This solution can be used on stone but is usually followed by a sanding process.
  • In some cases we may use an oxidising bleach to remove stains that can’t be removed through sanding.
  • Sealants – impregnating or topical coating wax

For stone tiles we have two types of sealants – impregnating and topical wax.

Impregnating sealers are invisible and soak into the tiny holes of stone and grout. It does not offer an additional shine to the floor but the Colour Enhancer can give the stone a wet look and the floor can appear slightly darker and more nourished. We often use Colour Enhancer on slate. Because Colour Enhancer is solvent-based, the room must be vacated for at least 8 hours, otherwise you could end up leaving footprints on the floor.

If you’re looking for an impregnating sealer that does not darken the colour of the stone we highly recommend a water-based sealer which dries much faster and the room can be entered as soon as we leave.

Topical wax coatings are recommended for use on porous tiles that can’t be polished to a high shine. Examples would be some variations of limestone and most certainly Victorian tiles. It’s a bit like a waxy varnish that offers our customers a surface that’s easier to maintain.

Cracks are caused by movement underneath the tiles. Examples are:

  • Air pockets in the foundation where the floor wasn’t levelled correctly, causing the tile to collapse under pressure.
  • Heat transfer near a doorway where the cold air meets the warm air that’s inside the house
  • Heat transfer caused by underfloor heating, where one tile might be colder than the other.

Travertine floors can be a stunning addition to any space, adding elegance and a touch of natural beauty. However, over time, they may lose their lustre due to wear, scratches, or unevenness. Luckily, there are effective techniques available to restore and enhance the beauty of your travertine. In this blog, we will explore the transformative processes of grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing, which can bring new life to your travertine floors.


Grinding: Creating a Smooth Foundation

When your travertine floor has become uneven or suffered from deep scratches and damage that cannot be resolved through honing alone, grinding is the solution. During the grinding process, specialised equipment is used to remove layers of the travertine surface, creating a smooth and even foundation. This process also helps to eliminate imperfections and restore the floor’s integrity. Once the grinding is complete, the next step is to fill any voids with hard epoxy or cement grout, ensuring a flawless finish.


Honing: Enhancing Natural Beauty

After the grinding process, honing is employed to refine the surface of the travertine tiles further. Honing utilises progressively finer grits of abrasives to gently buff the stone, revealing its natural beauty. The honing process can achieve different finishes, from a soft matte look to a subtle sheen, depending on your preferences. It smooths out any remaining imperfections, giving your travertine a refined and consistent appearance.


Polishing: Unveiling a Brilliant Shine

For those seeking a high-gloss, mirror-like finish, polishing is the final step in the restoration process. Polishing transforms honed travertine into a breath-taking showcase, amplifying its inherent beauty. Specialised polishing powders and equipment are employed to create a stunning, reflective surface that captures and reflects light, making your travertine floor truly stand out. The result is a luxurious, luminous appearance that enhances the overall aesthetics of your space.


Sealing: Preserving Beauty and Durability

Once your travertine floor has been meticulously ground, honed, and polished, it is essential to protect its newfound beauty and durability. Sealing is the key to preserving the longevity and appearance of your travertine. There are two common types of sealants available: penetrating impregnating sealers and surface sealers. Penetrating sealers bond with the stone, making it difficult for water and oil to penetrate while allowing moisture vapor to escape. They preserve the natural rustic appearance of travertine. Surface sealers, on the other hand, create a glossy resin layer that acts as a protective wear layer, enhancing the sheen and providing additional defence against stains and damage.


Grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing are essential steps in the restoration and maintenance of travertine floors. These processes can breathe new life into worn, scratched, or uneven surfaces, revealing the natural beauty and elegance of the stone. By entrusting the transformation of your travertine to experienced professionals, you can enjoy a stunning floor that captivates with its smoothness, radiance, and durability. Let the charm of your travertine shine through, creating a truly mesmerising focal point in your home or business.

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Here is a list of areas where we offer our travertine floor restoration services.

If your town is not listed here, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help you.


The Results Speak For Themselves

Our Travertine Restoration can result in a complete transformation.

Our Services

Professional Marble Floor Grinding and Polishing Service. We resurface marble floors and countertops. Ask us for a free marble polishing quote. We repair cracks and holes before sanding with diamond rotary pads and water. No dust.
Professional Limestone Floor Grinding and Polishing Service. We resurface limestone floors and countertops. Ask us for a free limestone polishing quote. We repair cracks and holes before sanding with diamond rotary pads and water. No dust.
Sandstone Floor Cleaning Service. With our specialist floor cleaning machinery, we clean all types of sandstone tiles, be it indoors or outdoors.
Professional Travertine Floor Grinding and Polishing Service. We resurface marble floors and countertops. Ask us for a free travertine polishing quote. We repair cracks and holes before sanding with diamond rotary pads and water. No dust.
Slate Floor Restoration Service. We remove varnish from slate tiled floors and offer a range of sealers that can enhance the colour of the slate stone.
Granite Polishing and Repair Service. If your granite floor or countertop has lost its shine or become dull due to scratches, contact us for a free quotation.
Professional Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning Service. Revitalize your space with our expert ceramic tile cleaning services, restoring your floors and surfaces to their original pristine beauty.
Professional Victorian Tile Restoration Service. Elevate the grandeur of your Victorian-era tiles with our specialised cleaning and sealing expertise, preserving their intricate beauty for generations to come.
Porcelain Tile Cleaning Specialists. Discover the brilliance of your porcelain tiles once more with our advanced cleaning techniques, leaving your surfaces spotless and grout lines impeccably pristine.
Professional Terrazzo Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service. Transform your dull terrazzo floors into dazzling works of art with our expert cleaning and polishing services.
Terracotta Tile Cleaning Specialists. Elevate the natural beauty of your terracotta floors with our specialised cleaning and sealing solutions, ensuring lasting protection and a timeless, stunning finish.
Quarry Tile Cleaning Specialists. Enhance the rugged charm of your quarry floors with our professional cleaning and sealing services, preserving their unique character while ensuring long-lasting durability.

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