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Victorian tile cleaning is a delicate service offered by Tile Cleaning Agents, your professional tile cleaning company. Only trust fully trained technicians to clean and restore Victorian and Edwardian tiles, carefully and thoroughly, because they are fragile and can easily come adrift. With us you are in safe hands, we will leave your floors beautifully fresh and inviting. Restore the colour and shine of tiles by calling us today, or send an email to arrange a free quote. 07919624005 /

Tile Cleaning Agents is your best choice in your area for Victorian tile cleaning at the most affordable prices and suitable time-frame.

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For Victorian tile cleaning professional service call Tile Cleaning Agents today!  We are also members of NCCA and Klindex, keeping us up to date with the latest trends in the floor cleaning industry. Here is what we can offer for your Victorian tile restoration requirements:

  • Removing varnish from Victorian tiles through our strip and clean service
  • Grout Cleaning of Victorian tiles
  • Restore the shine to your Victorian tiles
  • Fill cracks and holes with colour-matching resin
  • Exceptional Colour Enhancement, leaving a beautiful wet-look
  • Protect stone floors with solvent or water based sealants
  • Scratch, Crack & Chip Repair
  • Victorian tile restoration will make it look almost new again


Using an ordinary household flat mop and neutral pH cleaning solution is the best way to clean Victorian tiles. For general maintenance it is highly recommended to sweep floors regularly to remove any particles that can scratch the surface of the floor.

Victorian tiles are porous and you might notice that your cleaning solutions soak through the surface of the tiles, making them look even dirtier than before. What’s more, the grout is not cemented between the tiles, leaving the tiles loosely fitted with gaps between them where dirt can get trapped.

For this reason many of our customers coat the surface with a thick layer of varnish to make the tiles smoother and easier to manage. But over time the surface wears thin and the tiles become rough and more porous again.

If you feel that your mop and neutral pH solution aren’t picking up all the dirt, then it’s time to hire us, your professional Victorian Tile cleaning company. We will gently strip the old coat of varnish off and extract the trapped dirt from the tiles. Once the tiles are thoroughly clean and dry we coat the surface with a special wax that’s sole purpose is for Victorian tiles and stone floors. You can decide if you want a thick coat or thinner coat, in matt or gloss.

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Our Victorian Tile Cleaning can result in a complete transformation.

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